Tandem paragliding

Tandem paragliding

Up in the air on a TANDEM PARAGLIDER together with the instructor and comfortably seated above the magic landscape.

Tandem flights can be enjoyed by adults of any age with no prior experience necessary. Suitable for children  from 7 years onward.

The whole experience is approximately 1 hour long, from start to finish and this time includes the 15 minutes of actual flightime. Videos will also be shot during  the flight.

We offer flights at a variety of locations depending on weather and wind conditions. Come and enjoy an amazing view of the Apennines mountain range running acoss the Umbrian and Marche Regions. Choose from either Lake Fiastra or the Castelluccio Plateau.

Requirements and restrictions

Who is allowed to fly?

Everybody from 7 up to 100 years old (minors need to be accompanied by an adult); your weight needs to be over 30 kg and under 130 kg.


No special physical skills are required, you must be in reasonably good health and have the capacity to be able to do a light run. The  fully trained and experienced pilot will take care of the rest.

What attirement is useful to wear?

It is strongly suggested that you  wear closed trekking-shoes,  and the right clothing for the season. Oh, and don't forget your sun-glasses!

Will I suffer from vertigo?

You won’t suffer from vertigo during the flight, as you will be seated and won’t use your equilibrium. It’s also not possible to suffer from vertigo while in the air because up-there you don’t have any optic link with the ground and therefore don’t sense the depth.

Frequent asked questions

How long does the flight take?

In total it takes one hour, about 15 minutes of real flight.

From what height?

Minimum gap is 700 meters (2.297 feet), maximum is 3.000 meters (9.843 feet)

In which season?

Our region is known all over Europe and we can fly all year long, with weather conditions permitting.


Flight + Video 119 €


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