This activity consists of following the flowing river water while actually in direct contact with water, protected by a thick neoprene wetsuit, which is equipped with a bob and flippers.

You enter into the river at the starting point and go with the flow . After a short instructional briefing you will dive into the river water, face the waves lying on the bob and use the flippers to guide yourself along.

Maximum of 5 participants per group.

Enjoy this unique sensation of riding the flow!

The descent takes place in the Nera river, at Visso (Macerata) and the guide will always go ahead to show you the best way.

Note. Hours can be set together, according to your inclination.

Equipement and instructions

We will provide the necessary river gear: wetsuit, splash jacket, life jacket, helmet and neoprene river shoes.

What should you bring? Swimsuit, cotton or wool sweater, extra socks, towel.

The necessary outfit will be available at our hydrospeed-center.


No special knowledge or skill are required.

Before starting we will give a short 10 minute safety presentation demonstrating the main techniques for the descent following the guides instructions.


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