Rafting trips in umbria

Rafting trips in umbria

Rafting trips in Umbria on the Corno river, between Norcia and Cascia, lasting 1 or 2 hours.

How it works

Rafting is an exciting team sport suitable for everyone, which consists in sailing down the river in an inflatable raft. Each team, composed of 1 to 6 people (depending on the flow rate ) rows the raft with paddles. You will be guided by an expert rafting instructor. You will be part of the team and a key participant in the rafting.

Once you reach the Sibillini Rafting Center in Serravalle di Norcia:

  1. You will put on the diving-suit and the necessary equipment
  2. Before boarding we will give a short 10 minute safety briefing that demonstrates how to rows the raft with paddles following the guide instructions during the descent.
  3. The rafting trip begins. On each raft (a maximum of 6 people each) our guide will instruct the team on how to use the paddles and sail across the rapids.
  4. During the descent, where possible, you can dive and have a swim.
  5. Those who have chosen to include the adventure park will start the aerial forest adventure with zip lines and bridges between tree platforms made of rope and cable.
  6. Finally we will take you back to the Rafting Center by bus.

Rafting hours and duration

Our Rafting Center is open daily, from March up to the first week of November; reservation is required.


Departures in the morning at 10.00 and 13.00 a.m.

Departures in the afternoon at 16.00 p.m.


  • short trip 1 hour
  • long trip 2 hours

Rafting pricing

Rafting trips prices Adults Children
Short trip (1 hour) 25 € 20 €
Long trip (2 hours) 35 € 25 €
Long trip + adventure park 50 € 40 €

Equipement and requisites

We will provide the necessary river gear: wetsuit, splash jacket, life jacket, helmet and neoprene river shoes.

What should you bring? Swimsuit, cotton or wool sweater, extra socks, towel.

The necessary outfit will be delivered at our rafting-center.

No special knowledge or skill are required. 

Remember and share your experience

During the trip our guides will take pictures and shoot videos which will be saved to a 8 GB usb pen drive you can buy at the price of 19 €. In this way you will be able to share it with your family and friends or post it in Facebook.

Directions to our rafting center

See directions and map to reach our rafting center. You will find address and coordinates too.

Finally for those coming from afar and requiring a place to stay, we can recommend some accomodations in Umbria.


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